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Technology Lending: Technology Lending Policy

Information about the technologies available for checkout at Barber Library

Photo of technology equipment available for checkout at Barber Library

Technology Lending Policy

Who can check out technology equipment?

COCC and Summit students, faculty, and staff can check out all technology equipment available.

Community patrons may check out eReaders, headphones, audio recorders, flash drives, and miscellaneous chargers and cables only.

What do I need to check out equipment?

Patrons must present two forms of ID, including a valid government-issued photo ID  (driver's license, DMV-issued ID card, passport, or military ID), at the Circulation Desk to check out technology equipment.

What happens if I damage or lose an item?

You are responsible for the safety and security of any technology item while it is in your possession. If a piece of technology is lost, damaged (even by accident), or stolen while in your possession, you will be responsible for the full replacement cost, plus a processing fee of $15. The first time you check out a piece of technology equipment, you must sign a document that verifies you understand this responsibility.

The replacement cost of equipment varies greatly, from $10 for small accessories to $1,000+ for laptops. Visit the links in the menu to see the replacement costs for different types of equipment.

How do I return an item?

You must return the equipment to the circulation desk during the Library's open hours.

Do not use the book drop, as this can harm the equipment and will result in damaged item replacement fees.

Be sure to return all of the cords, cables, chargers and cases that came with the equipment you checked out. The equipment will not be checked in until all pieces are present.

How do I protect my privacy on these devices?

Patrons are responsible for removing any personal information, stored files, and downloaded applications from devices before returning them to the Circulation Desk. The Library is not liable for damages if a user employs a device in a way that compromises his or her personal data to future users or to other third parties.

However, when a patron returns a device to the Library, staff will make a good faith effort to normalize the device by doing the following.

  1. Deleting any information and files stored by the previous patron
  2. Removing any unauthorized applications installed by the previous patron
  3. Applying any pending updates to applications and operating systems



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