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Current Events & Controversial Issues

Explore library and Internet resources and searching tips for when you're researching a topic that is current and/or controversial.

Pro + Con resources for multiple perspectives on controversial issues in the headlines

National + International news and magazines

Local + State news and magazines

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For help evaluating information, check out this video:


And for further help, check out these two infographics for tips on reading news:

         How to spot fake news Breaking News Consumer's Handbook


Do you see a link that looks like this?

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This video is for you:

If you see a link that looks like this:

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Then you should watch this video instead.

All students who are currently enrolled in credit classes have access to library resources, on and off campus. If you're unable to log in to library resources off campus, check out this page for troubleshooting options.

If you are not enrolled in credit classes, check out this page for the access you do have to library resources.

We know citations can be difficult to format because there are so many rules! Check out this guide reviewing citations for APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

The Writing Center is also a great resource if you have questions about your writing and formatting according to citation conventions.

Research is a complex process that involves many moving parts. If you're struggling finding sources it could mean taking your topic in a different direction so that you have a more researchable approach. This video has some suggestions on developing a topic

It's also possible that the keywords you're using aren't the best for finding things in databases. Consider what you know about your topic and--in the broadest terms possible--brainstorm the essential words that matter to you. This video has some tips for coming up with keywords.

The best option would be to come speak to a librarian to discuss your search process and get personalized advice on finding quality, relevant information. If you're in Bend, come visit a librarian during our open hours. If that's not convenient, you can chat with a librarian 24/7 by clicking here, email a COCC librarian directly by clicking here, or book an appointment with a librarian to come to your campus on your schedule by clicking here.

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