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Open Educational Resources & Affordable Course Materials

The high price of course materials impacts both students and faculty at COCC. On this page, learn more about open educational resources (OER), finding textbooks for students, and lowering the cost of course materials for faculty.

About OER

Open Educational Resources (OER) are free teaching and learning materials—aka the best way to reduce course material costs for students! And it's not just textbooks, OER can be videos, games, assessments, and more.

OER can be found in the public domain, or licensed especially for free use and reuse. OER are typically accessed online, but can also be obtained through low-cost print-on-demand services.

On this guide, you can

  1. Learn about how to create OER yourself so that you feel comfortable with the licensing, the technology, and how to receive funding.
  2. Find OER that faculty can integrate into the classroom as is or adapt to meet specific needs.

Additionally, on the Library Materials page, you can discover resources that aren't OER (meaning they can't be reused, remixed, or redistributed) but can help decrease course material expenses.

Here are some resources to get started:

Resources for Finding OER

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