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CLERC Virtual Display: Native American Heritage Month

Books in the Children's Literature and Equity Resource Center that celebrate Native American heritage

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month explores, acknowledges and celebrates Native American heritage independent of dominant culture's motifs and stereotypes. The following list of books and resources depart from fictitious "Thanksgiving" narratives typically highlighted in November and allow children and adults explore the rich, real, nurturing, complex, contemporary and multifaceted reality of native lives. Most of these children's books are #ownvoices—featuring Native authors.

When reading children's books about Native peoples, please keep in mind these criteria proffered by Dr. Debbie Reese (Nambe' Pueblo), founder of American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL). AICL supports children, families, educators, and community members to grow in understanding and appreciation of accurate representation of Native people in children's and young adult books.

  1. Is the book by a Native author or illustrator?
  2. Does the book, in some way, include something to tell readers that we are sovereign nations?
  3. Is the book tribally specific, and is the tribally specific information accurate?
  4. Is it set in the present day? If it is historical in structure, does it use present tense verbs that tell readers the Native peoples being depicted are part of today's society?

New Books 2023-2024

The following books are available in CLERC collections at the Bend, Redmond or Madras campuses.  Please click on title links to check locations.

Children's Literature and Equity Resource Center Books


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