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Dental Assisting

Explore library and Internet resources for any topics related to Dental Assisting.

Find articles

Popular and scholarly articles—often found in newspapers, magazines, and journals, among other source types—are helpful when:

  • You already know a little background about your topic and need more in-depth analysis.
  • You picked a current topic that needs the most up-to-date information in the library.
  • You want authoritative, accurate information with data, analysis, interpretations, reactions, and/or opinions.

Depending on the provider of the database, each one will look slightly different. The tips in the videos below will review general information about searching in library resources that can be used no matter which database you're searching in! For more specific guidance on finding articles, please ask a librarian

How to Search Efficiently in Databases

How to Develop Keywords


How to Cite and Email Sources

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