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Library Resources For Online Instruction

Helpful tips, services, and resources available to students & faculty during the event of a campus closure.

Library Resources

Barber Library can support you and your students in accessing and using our services online. This guide compiles a list of information literacy online instruction techniques and resources, as well as tips for setting up streaming videos, full-text eBooks, and other library resources in Blackboard.

For updates to the availability of Barber Library services, please visit Library Services for Academic Year 2020-21

For questions about this guide and library instructional resources, please contact For questions about remote access to videos, eBooks, and other library resources, please contact For questions about ordering materials, including streaming videos from Kanopy, please contact The library is also able to provide advisory guidance on copyright questions, please email for assistance.

For additional support, please submit a suggestion to the Barber Library director.

Submit a suggestion to the library

Information Literacy Support for Faculty

IL & Embedded Instruction

Librarians accept IL instruction requests for online or in-person delivery. Librarians can create custom videos, class-specific guides, or graded activities, and provide student research support through Blackboard discussion boards or email. Instruction can be delivered asynchronously or synchronously, depending on the structure of your class.

Request IL Instruction

Online Help for Students

Students and faculty can Book a Librarian for an online consultation with a librarian via Zoom. This service provides targeted information literacy instruction based on a specific research question to ensure students or faculty find relevant sources.

Additionally, students can utilize 24/7 Chat to speak with COCC librarians during regular business hours and with contributing librarians after hours. The Barber Library is also available by email at This email is monitored during regular business hours. 

Physical Books, DVDs, and Kits for Instruction

The library can deliver physical items directly to faculty offices via campus mail. Contact with information about the item(s) you need to place a request.

Students can check out textbooks, kits, or other items on Course Reserve during curbside pickup hours. Let us know if you'd like to extend the loan period on your reserve items or add more of them to the collection.

If you need one or two chapters of a book on reserve to post on Blackboard, email and staff can provide the PDFs. Please note that the library will not scan entire works, and instructors are responsible for copyright compliance.

Copyright Guidance for Instructors

Instructors are responsible for complying with copyright laws in their use of online material, video content, or scanned print material in their online courses. Learn more about Fair Use, the TEACH Act, and other options from the Copyright Resources guide.

Though COCC librarians are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice, we're happy to offer guidance for copyright concerns. Please email with specific questions. 

Online Resources to Support Instruction

Streaming Video Resources

For information about locating streaming video for your online courses, please review the following guide:

Streaming video guide

Subject Guides

Subject Guides curate library resources with your disciplines in mind. Consider linking to the appropriate guide in the Blackboard course menu to provide a shortcut for students who need assistance finding a library search tool.

Link to Articles & eBooks

Look for the permalink of articles found in library databases to provide online access to course readings (see Online Access of Library Resources below for more information about permalinks). Or, for a fun activity that gets students using library resources, provide the citation and name of the database and tell students to search for that week's reading.

To search for eBooks that can be shared with students in Blackboard, go to the Barber Library catalog and conduct a search for a specific book or the appropriate subject. From your results, use the filters on the left side of the screen and limit your results to show only eBooks under the Resource Type header.

eBook filter

Online Access of Library Resources

When linking to or embedding library resources in Blackboard, you must use properly formatted permalinks that contain If you copy the URL in the address bar of your browser, the link might appear to work from on-campus computers, but it will break for students using devices outside of the COCC network.

Films on Demand URL in the browser omnibar. This will break!
Click to see full size.

To share an article, video, or other resource from a library database, look for an option called permalink, share, or similar. The URL should contain "" This part of the link sends students through the COCC Single Sign-On (SSO) system so they can access the materials.

Films on Demand embed/share tool. Use the link with in it.
Click to see full size.

If the COCC login prefix is not in the URL, your students might see a paywall claiming they need to subscribe to access the content, or a sign-in form that won't accept COCC credentials.

Films on Demand sign-in screen. COCC accounts won't work here!
Click to see full size.

Note: On a computer off-campus, you'll see URLs with "[some subdomain]" in the address bar of your browser. Those URLs will also break in the future. Always try to get the link from tools in the database instead of the address bar.

Some databases don't offer permalinks with "" in them. This might be because they're statewide databases, or because their systems don't offer schools the option to customize links. When this happens, you can correct the link by adding this prefix:

Gale permalink with no This requires the COCC library prefix.
Click to see full size.

For example, the "Get Link" tool for an article in Gale Academic OneFile presents this URL: This link will break off campus.

To share the article with students, adjust the URL to:

If your students run into errors while attempting to access library content, they should consult the library help page "Why Can't I Sign In?" This page describes the most common reasons logins fail for library resources.

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